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Tears for Trees

Help us save Romania’s last pristine forests from illegal cutting.


Tears for Trees is a mission to save Romania’s last remaining pristine forests from illegal deforestation. It all started when we created the first chainsaw oil that made lumberjacks think... with tears.

Tears for Trees two­-stroke oil is a specially designed product that contains a unique blend of ingredients found in pepper spray, mixed in with regular two­stroke oil. When combined with gasoline, a chemical reaction occurs as soon as the chainsaw starts, creating a cloud of smoke with the same effect as pepper spray: when it hits your eyes, you start to cry.

At Agent Green, we understand that Tears for Trees alone won’t be enough to stop illegal deforestation in Romania. We need to act on a bigger scale, with dedicated field teams that constantly control and expose illegal tree cutting.

Help us put together a team that can work fulltime in the field to track and expose illegal forest cutting. Together, we can save the largest remaining pristine forests in Europe.


Agent Green is a NGO founded in Romania in 2009. The organisation’s main focus is to investigate environmental crimes, expose them strategically and promote solutions to protect nature and ensure the wellbeing of future generations.

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